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But company managers contend their innovations actually benefit consumers as the industry performs its unpopular but necessary role. Debt collectors have long chafed at regulations that restrict how often they can call consumers, and require debtors’ consent to be called. New software lets collectors sidestep those rules, inserting How to an individual? voicemails into phones by the thousands without a ring. Technically the stealth communiques aren’t calls at all, but messages sent to phone companies’ servers that show up as voicemails. Companies such as Stratics Networks maintain that because no phone calls are made, regulations prohibiting auto-dialed collections calls don’t apply. Attorney Billy Howard, of The Consumer Protection Firm in Tampa, Florida, disagrees. “They’re trying to torture the language of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act,” says Howard, referring to the law that forbids call-center Skip Tracing reps from harassing consumers. He doesn’t buy the argument that “all of a sudden if it doesn’t ring, it’s not a call.” But Paul Gies, senior sales vice president of voicemail technology company VoApps Inc., says consumers like his firm’s “DirectDrops” ringless messages because they can respond on their own timetables instead of feeling ambushed. In fact, he says, debt collectors say these unannounced voicemails work almost too well. “Clients tell us that they overwhelm their call centers with inbound volume,” Gies says.

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