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In Croatia, an engineer named Valent Turkovic is working to provide internet Skip Tracing Tool access in asylum centers, where it is often unavailable. In 2015, Turkovic built makeshift Wi-Fi routers and set them up in Croatian refugee camps; he’s now working on a prototype of a compact, durable router called MeshPoint, which will use open-source software to give hundreds of people internet access at once. The device’s hardware will be open-source as well, which means that anyone with a 3-D printer will be able to construct a router. MeshPoint is easier for aid workers to set up and configure than standard models. And because it runs on batteries, it works even when natural disasters—or terrorist groups—disrupt the power grid. The United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) is already using drones to monitor on-the-ground conditions in refugee camps. In the future, drones could also provide temporary Wi-Fi and extend phone networks in areas without coverage. Refugees often need immediate medical attention and can’t get it. In Oslo, the creators of an app called HealthIntelligence hope to work with local governments and health organizations to build a chatbot that provides pregnant refugees with medical, legal, and other advice in their native language. “Just getting to the hospital can be very hard if you don’t speak the language and have limited legal rights,” says Vincent Olislagers, who oversaw the design of the app. The difficulties are magnified for refugees in remote camps.

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